Do you have to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dancing Classes Detroit Area Hospitals

No. But I am strong and I know I need to be strong for this contest.

What would happen if I got disqualified?

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At the discretion of the judging panel, if there is a decision that determines which dance is the best, the entire competition is disqualified.

A lot of people think they know dance.

This competition is a very rigorous one. We are not trying to be silly here, but we want to know which dance you love, because if there is no love, there can’t be competition.

What’s the most important thing to remember?

This is America! To be a strong, capable and loyal citizen of this country is also the most essential thing. We are very proud of our strong, intelligent and patriotic people!

What a great time to be a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers…

A long offseason of speculation has passed without a conclusion for the team in the AFC North. It’s possible that the Steelers could still clinch a playoff spot this season with a great season, but there are many question marks.

After all, is Matt Kalil still the starting right tackle? Can Ben Roethlisberger be a starting quarterback in Pittsburgh? Does a second-round draft selection from the 2016 NFL Draft bring significant value to a team that already has some talent? Will Le’Veon Bell be able to return to form in time to play in Pittsburgh, or will the team be forced to use an even larger investment than they would have on the oft-injured Le’Veon Bell?

You can still argue that the Steelers have done enough to make this playoffs with a solid season from Pittsburgh’s run game and a strong defense, but it’s important to remember why they won. The team was a perennial playoff force from the start of the season through last week’s final two games. The Steelers took advantage of an underachieving Jaguars team and played with a high level of urgency all season.

Let’s begin to look at how I would forecast the 2016 Steelers team that was a playoff contender.

The Steel Curtain

I believe there is one way a team can win the AFC North with a solid-but-not-great season and an injury-ridden group of running backs. The Steelers should be able to win more easily if they get more out of Ben Roethlisberger with the ball on their hands.

On the surface, that might sound like the Steelers have fallen into a pattern of inconsistency

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