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When people are dancing it helps burn up a lot of calories, but it’s not clear why. Scientists haven’t been able to find a clear answer yet, and they’ll need a lot more data to get to the bottom of it.

“There is no doubt that the high levels of aerobic activity are going to help in the process, with better cardiovascular and metabolic performance (that), and we see that,” said Miech, who presented the new research Wednesday at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) annual meeting.
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While a lot of dance experts agree that high-intensity dancing is good for body composition (muscle), it has few other known health benefits. Exercise is the main source of calorie burn, so dancing will fuel your body better than other activities. But exercise also burns a lot of fuel; it doesn’t take long to get a little tired of dancing anyway.

“For most people, they’re getting more bang for their buck from other activities besides dancing, so as long as the level of activity meets that goal, it’s a good idea,” Mietch said.

“I’ve been to the same place on my last two visits, but this time, we drove the road up to my house and then back down, the whole time, every time you drove you would get this great, great rush of adrenaline,” said John Shanks of Washington state, who took the drive along the way, just not from his home state. “It was just unbelievable.”

It has been a big week for bitcoin users in India. Last Tuesday, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced that bitcoin is currently not considered a commodity under the country’s strict securities laws, which means any transaction involving bitcoin risks a stiff jail sentence in the country.

This week’s announcement has left bitcoin enthusiasts wondering what a future without the digital currency will mean for the country’s burgeoning market.

India’s bitcoin users, however, are not panicked. And if one looks beyond the shock and awe response from a few quarters, it’s easy to see the potential benefits.

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India’s bitcoin exchange trading volumes increased by 4,600% in 2015 according to data from Digital Currency Group. A massive 16% increase in trading volume was also witnessed in the second quarter of the year. According to the database, India is the second-largest bitcoin market, currently with about $1,200,000 worth of the cryptocurrency traded.

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