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One study from the journal Science found that women who dance “in the face of adversity” can gain significant strength.

According to the study, women with dance background were able to significantly increase their strength after performing a simple but beneficial skill known as “cardio,” defined as “the use of a muscle and a lower-body mass to perform a movement.”
4 Easy Dance Moves Anyone Can Master | Shape Magazine

It was an eventful year for the British Columbia government. The election of Liberal Premier Christy Clark in 2005, the 2008 financial meltdown, a decade of oil-sands development, and the subsequent NDP government in 2011 marked a watershed moment in British Columbia’s history. From the time Liberal supporters started celebrating the victory of the BC Liberals in 2005 until the party’s defeat in 2011, there were significant changes to the province’s political landscape. As our research shows, the election of 2010 ushered in yet another set of changes, with much of the attention being focused on the impact of proposed changes in the tax regime, the introduction of a carbon-pricing scheme, increased housing costs, changes to education, and changes to the relationship between governments and the wealthy. These challenges continue to confront British Columbia’s political leaders, who in some ways are still trying to figure out the most effective way to achieve their goals. The BC Liberal Party received a lot of flak over the years for its economic agenda, which was largely centred around new investment in infrastructure, more public-private partnerships, less costly taxes and regulations, and more direct democracy. This focus on economic issues rather than public welfare made a number of BC Liberals less inclined to work with provincial governments. This tendency became even more pronounced during the 2011 provincial election; when the BC Liberals decided to shift their primary campaign focus away from their economic agenda, the impact of the policies changed. This is also why it is so interesting that the first year following the BC Liberals’ electoral defeat was very likely the last year that there was an effective federal government in B.C.

The election of 2010 ushered in a new age in British Columbia for the province. This election, however, was a significant event for a couple of reasons. First, the election was a watershed time in the provincial political landscape, as British Columbia had become embroiled in a number of major conflicts. With the election of the BC Liberals in 2005, B.C. had entered the process of entering a period of economic, political, and social uncertainty. After the 2005 decision of the courts to place an injunction banning the introduction of a cap-and-trade system

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