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A Russian soldier has been captured on record by the media saying he ‘jumped’ to save a fellow soldier.

The Russian soldier, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he got into an altercation with a fellow soldier in which one of him hit him so hard his shoulder fractured and he was sent to hospital.

The 29-year-old soldier reportedly said to the TV station that it could have been ‘very much worse’.

(Image: RT)

The soldier was taken into custody by a group of masked men who had been sent to the scene of the clash, according to media reports at the time.

He was then arrested by the police.

(Image: RT)

(Image: RT)

(Image: RT)

A police statement reads: “He received injuries that caused a fracture in his shoulder, also a cut on his right hand, which left a deep wound.”

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The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed the soldier is in custody and the details are being checked.

No shots were fired, according to the report .

This isn’t the first time an alleged war hero – or, more commonly, a coward – has been arrested by the police.

(Image: Reuters)

A photo of a young man in military gear in a military uniform holding a rifle has already been widely distributed as evidence of a ‘Russian invasion’ in eastern Ukraine.

In 2014 then-presidential candidate Donald Trump was accused of having given a thumbs-up to the photo of the young man waving a rifle while in front of a Kremlin wall during a campaign rally.

After Trump made the comment he was questioned by the media and eventually retracted the statement.

(Image: Getty)

But at the time of publication this story was still live on Facebook at:

And after the photo got picked up by the media the girl in the picture was also detained and said to deny involvement.

Russia has been fighting the Kiev and Western-backed rebels

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