Does pole dancing make you fit? – Free Pole Dancing Classes Near Me Winter

“I’m probably more like a ballet dancer!”

“Oh, that’s cool! I’m very fit too, but my pole dancing is still quite new to me! I can’t say I’ve experienced the feeling of being completely naked but it isn’t bad either! I think that’s probably how all dancers feel! It depends on what kind of pole you’re doing, but I suppose it’s nice to be able to feel your entire body at all times!”

You think about this for a minute.

“Do you think the experience will make you more confident in your dancing? Does dancing make you less shy?”

“Oh no! Oh no! Of course not! It’s a great way to explore your body and dance and to go off and have a dance party somewhere. I suppose I’m just really into going to parties! A dance party is kind of like dancing and then drinking in the evening! You get the feeling, but it’s like a nice break from everything that’s going on around you! It’s fun and it makes you feel like you’re part of something exciting and it definitely reminds me a lot of my childhood!”

“I suppose you’re right! I can certainly see it happening if we do it every year or two. It’s a bit ridiculous but it’s also very exciting!”

“I don’t know if that’s true!”

“I suppose if you really wanted to, you could, but it wouldn’t be anything like the kind of parties I got to go to when I was younger. It would probably be quite more like a dance lesson that you did with a friend, or a bit of dancing together at a local dance club or whatever, in that no one comes all that close to you…”

“Yeah, it sounds very ‘out there’!”

As you talk about all of this, you notice something else in this woman that’s different than the other women in the classroom.
Pole dance wear-pole clothes-skirt sets-stripper clothing ...

It feels different.

She doesn’t show any signs of insecurity as she describes to you what she’s doing.

She talks with confidence about how she dances, and about everything that’s going on in the world around her.

This gives you a lot of comfort.

She’s aware of, and has a good sense of her own identity.

She doesn’t seem like she can be seen as something from another place, just by wearing a short skirt.

You also notice that

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