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“All the way from North Korea, where it’s cold and windy,” he said. “But there’s no place I’d rather be.”

In North Korea, there’s no place I’d rather be. It’s not that North Koreans prefer living under authoritarian rule to being governed by a communist dictator. It’s that the regime has become increasingly tyrannical.

This is the reality for the people who live in North Korea, in what remains of the country that for most of the 20th century was a part of South Korea. The regime now wants to build a massive nuclear arsenal. It is a very bad deal for North Korea and South Korea.

This isn’t because of the regime’s evil. The idea that the North’s dictator wants to build a nuclear arsenal is patently false. Pyongyang doesn’t want to use nuclear weapons but simply fears them, as does many others in South Korea. There are no plans to develop their nuclear capability. No doubt they are capable, but so are other nuclear states including Iran and Israel.

A number of reports in the media have suggested that Apple will bring back the “Retina” display as part of iOS 10, but the reports are incorrect. iOS 10 will launch with a redesigned, high definition “Retina HD” display that looks as sharp as the current Retina 2-in-1. Apple has also announced a new 3D Touch implementation designed to help users interact with applications more effectively.

In an FAQ sent out to developers, Apple has confirmed that the new displays will not be back-compatible with older versions of iOS:

Apple has provided the software development documentation for the updated Retina display to provide developers with tools to continue working with their existing apps that previously worked with iOS 10. This documentation is based on the same codebase that has been in use by developer, and is free and available from sourceforge. The documentation is not designed to provide developers with the latest features in the new Retina display and is instead written for developers that want to continue developing app compatibility with older versions of iOS. As a result, we are not including this documentation as part of the iOS 10.1.1 SDK. All apps using the Retina display should be updated to iOS 10.1.1 with this documentation.

The new 3D Touch implementation in iOS 10 is likely intended to provide a useful and intuitive way to interact with applications more effectively. The idea is that it will provide users with a simpler way to swipe and pinch and

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