Does the pole spin in pole dancing? – Boston Pole Dancing Classes Near Me Winter

Yes it does, because it is a very complex movement. What the pole does is it keeps its whole body extended so that its knees are bent and at the same time it takes the full rotation of the body, from one pole to the other. So what is the result of this motion? Because the whole pole is rotating, the poles are in equilibrium. If you want to see it really for yourself, you can, but if you look carefully you will see it is a very small action. It takes one person to spin one pole, but it is something that takes two people to do it.

How does the pole dance move one person?

The pole dance is a very complicated action where the body has to be at such a specific angle or the ball would not move. The pole dances a bit like an umbrella and it is much heavier than the one you see in the films. It’s much heavier, so when you look at a lot of people dancing, the arms of many are outstretched in the air. And it’s one arm out of the air that is the pole. And then when you take the last person that has been dancing, just take it out of the air and you will see, not that they’re dancing like someone’s in a swimming pool with a stick in the middle of the pool, but that the ball is really suspended in the air. That is very difficult and very slow. But in it, so long as you keep the arms extended, you are able to dance the pole, so it can move one person.

How would you teach somebody dancing to do it?
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To start with, you have to explain to them that you need to hold the pole in the air, it is not that it is just a weight around the body, that is not very true. And that we need to have control. And when you can do it, you will find that they like it, and they think that this is cool because we are all different. Everybody does this in different ways, so everyone wants to learn pole dancing.

Do you need any special equipment?

You need not to have any special equipment, and when you can practice it, you can be on top of the pole and be spinning. You do need to have some lightness so you can be in the air. In my own home I usually carry a few pieces of wood on my belt, I was lucky because all the kids were having a party and they called me to have

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