Does the pole spin in pole dancing? – How Old Is Sarah Jade Pole Dancer

A pole dancing pole must spin like a top, and its center of mass is always at an angle. A human pole will always spin like the top, and it will be at the same angle. So the position of the pole with respect to the Earth and the horizon will not change in the same manner. If you spin the pole at a different speed and height the rotation will then be faster or slower. The diameter at any given moment is equal to the acceleration acting on the pole at that point. So for example, the diameter of the earth with respect to the pole is given as : In this equation :

Now, given that the Earth is the same diameter as the pole, and because the Earth’s center of mass is equal to the center of the pole, there is no difference in the rotation speed or height to be seen in the diagram. Hence, the same pole will just keep spinning its center, like an object spinning around a central point, indefinitely.

Also, because poles spin around a sphere, the diameter will always be greater that that of the sphere itself. Thus, for example, if the equatorial diameter was 10 m and the poles spin at 8 times the equatorial speed, then the circumference would be 4.64 m, and the diameters would be 2.32 and 1.74 m.

Also, to ensure that the earth remains symmetrical, when a pole is placed at its equator the pole is also rotated about that same axis, and by the same velocity, as the pole is moving around in a circle. So, when the poles spin with the same speed, the equatorial axes and the poles will be moving in the same way.

It is true that in a spinning object, because of the centrifugal force acting on the sphere, a sphere will rotate much faster than a flat sphere (e.g. an object spinning at 24 km/s will also spin faster than an object rotating at 50 km/s), so that a sphere can be held at a constant speed for very long in space. It is true that the gravitational forces generated by other objects, the sun, moon, and stars, will also be exerted on the pole. The gravitational interactions between the poles, and the earth, will be relatively weak compared to the gravitational energies that are already present on the planet. So, the poles will be accelerated, but not out of balance.

Finally you will note that the Earth’s axis remains constant: in fact, all the angles between the

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