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Practicing dance at home is very easy. Just open the front door and do a half turn and start to turn the body, this is a good time to get used to the movement. You will find that your partner (and yourself) moves the same way after your turn.

Why do my hips always go forward?

It’s the knee. Your hip must bend and your knee must remain in balance. This is what makes your hips go forward – the knee is not supported.

How can I improve my dance moves?

Practice and try to mimic the basic movements without the body support.

What if I get hurt? What is the best routine to do after a injury?

As it is the most common injury, most people will do yoga one after another without knowing how it will affect them. Just after you’ve tried most types of practice, do something about the injury at home first – take a quick, gentle break to recover.

A simple technique to do, with your partner, to relieve the pain is:

Get on knees and place palm on floor.

Sit in position, with legs in the air; arms extended above head.

Hold your breath (do it for a second or two) and move to the other side. Repeat on opposite side.

If you are a beginner, always practice standing, without the legs in the air.

If your teacher doesn’t teach this approach, try:

Put your partner on the floor. Sit behind them and reach arms behind your head. Stand up with your legs in the air.

As soon as you are sure your hips are in the right place, switch.

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