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You have to practice in a circle. The whole thing starts when you see how many people want to participate without knowing what a circle is. I usually practice with about 20 or 30 people, and then I try out different positions for five minutes. I try to be the easiest, and the most obvious. You can see what I did in the video. The basic steps are as this: – Standing on the ground – Place your feet on top of each other and raise your arms from overhead – Move your arms – Raise the arms and place your hands on your hips – Repeat as many times as you can do each move. I don’t dance around much – I stay on one hip, one foot, one arm. It doesn’t go that far, and it gets too tricky in spots. So it’s pretty simple to learn.
If anybody knows how you are going to try this out, do it in the studio. At home, it works a little better. I don’t have a lot of experience doing it, so it would take a while. I try to try to get a rhythm down, and I think I have found it pretty soon. I also love to have a partner with me every time I do it, it keeps the balance of the group.
The dance style I love is classical Greek. And the most exciting thing I can do is to practice music.
I also love the dancing, dancing, dancing. I always think of going a step further, so this is my secret. I try not to be too far away from the floor.
And to make it interesting to do, I do the first part of the dance with an open stance. This helps me get into the proper attitude and keep my form in the correct place.
There I go with this new dance. There’s my choreography!
You may have heard about it before, but the main purpose of dance is to be expressive. It is a form that expresses the feeling you are having in the moment.
So if you get a feeling while dancing, if the other person says the thing you want to say, or if something happens or whatever, then there is no reason why those emotions can’t be expressed. Some of the most dramatic scenes in a piece of art are actually about expressing emotions.
I’m going home because I can’t feel myself right now!

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