How can I practice dance at home?

You can practice the techniques on the lessons page. Please join other members to practice together and help others. Your participation enables you to discover new ways to explore the different techniques of dance music. Some of the techniques are quite unique to dance music.

If you wish to join a group as a solo dancer, you can do so here. I have an online membership to the group, and I would also accept an invitation to join up. There are instructions for joining up here:

How to join up

I cannot join in with another dancer

You can try out solo dancing as a solo member of this group only. You do not join a group with other dancers.
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A new member can not do solo dancing at home if they live alone. If you cannot join in a group (for example because you live alone or because your partner is out with you), you can use one of the other options. Please join a group in order to experience dance music together.

For online memberships, please use the link to join up.

A new member cannot do solo dance with all other people at home

If you are new to dancing, you will need permission from all other active members, which you can ask for using the contact form on the website.

Are there any problems joining in?

If there are any difficulties with joining in the group, please contact the email address on the form, and this information will be made available on the website.

It is highly recommended that you join up with a partner from work, for example because of social obligations or because you have a child.

I have a problem joining in

The group is not always full, so there may be delays for a while. Please contact the email address or email address on the form, and we will try to do anything we can for you.

What is the group’s policy on advertising?

The group accepts no advertisements. The online membership application and the membership application to the group are two separate forms. If you would like to advertise, please contact the form itself. For online memberships, you must follow the instructions on the website, and follow the instructions from the advertising agent. There are instructions on advertising here.

What happens if I want to join in with others?

If you want to join a group with others, you can only use the online form if you choose to have other members. Some of the skills require that you use a