How can I practice pole dancing without a pole? – How To Pole Dance For Men Youtube Movies

How can I use pole dance to support my weight if I’m not tall?

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What about people who have lost weight?

At all the classes I teach I ask my students before the class if they have lost weight, and I ask them to stop and talk with me about how they’ve changed, and ask them if they need any help losing weight. In fact, I ask my students to go on a weight loss retreat, where they help other students shed their unwanted pounds, because when they help others, they all lose some weight. I don’t ask them to make a formal change in diet or exercise habits–that would be silly–but I ask them, “How have you changed?” and then I ask them, “Are you losing some weight?” and if not, I ask them to think about changing.

My students often say the most enjoyable part of pole dance is seeing other students shed their unwanted pounds. That’s why it’s fun to help someone else lose a pound or two of unwanted weight. I find that it’s helpful for clients to feel that they are part of a group effort, and I’ve found that that encourages people to follow through in losing weight, which is what really matters.
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Some Pole Dancers Are Fat or Thin

I’m often encouraged by clients to encourage their clients to be in a community of skinny and overweight people, rather than simply those we see at gym class or at restaurants. Because the way the media tells us about people with fat bodies is that they make themselves look horrible, and that’s a very unfair standard. It’s really hard to get attention from the world when people look like that. That can really be discouraging. Even if some people are slim and are not obese, it can leave you feeling judged, and it can make you feel like you’re an outlier. I encourage clients to know that they are not different, and we shouldn’t judge them differently for looking and behaving in a similar way to the ones we see in the media.

I encourage clients to make an effort to support a community that celebrates people who look like others

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