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Most people consider it to be difficult. But it is easier than they think! It takes 3 hours, or more. That’s why we’ve created all the video training you see in the site.

If you ever wanted to learn pole dance, but felt that you simply didn’t have the time, the experience, or the motivation you thought you did, pole dancing is for you. We have all the information and materials you need, so you can dance today!


“Polar Bear (Laser Pointer)” is a comic that centers around the polar bear laser pointer, or “bear claw.” It is an original piece of artwork created by the artist David Zalub. The bear claw can be found at the center of a comic featuring the Polar Bear.

Hub City Pole Dance Class at Hattiesburg Ballroom & Beyond ...

On July 28th, 2014, amateur comic artist David Zalub posted the Polar Bear comic on his blog , along with a series of illustrations called “A Bear’s Claws.” On October 16th, 2014, Tumblr user Lazybobz posted a picture of a “Polar Bear” with a bear claw on his keyboard, along with comments expressing admiration for the bear claw (shown below).


On July 12th, 2015, the Tumblr blog PolarBearLaserPointer was created featuring the comic and a short story. On July 17th, Redditor r/polarbear posted a photoshopped Polar Bear drawing titled “Polar Bear’s Claws” and the original Polar Bear (shown below, left). Within the next week, the meme would be reposted dozens of times on Twitter and Instagram; eventually reaching its peak on Facebook , where it generated upwards of 2,400 likes in the first week. On July 19th, a Facebook group called Polar Bear Community was created, as the image circulated widely in the social media network. On September 17th, YouTuber Vlogger Katthegle uploaded an episode from the YouTube channel MondoTv featuring the Polar Bear. On September 22nd, the Polar Bear was featured on Vice Media’s online magazine Vice and Vice Sports’ Vice Sports channel. On September 26th, the video series PolarBearLaserPointer was uploaded by Vice media , featuring footage of the Polar Bear, along with comments from Vice reporters explaining the series in the background. On September 28th, YouTuber J.T.-F uploaded a clip of the Polar Bear with its arms outstretched, while its feet are down

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