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We’re all about the dance! But to be clear: you will need to be patient. There are some very hard-core, long and fast lessons, but you will be able to learn by watching. You will have to be more than just passive and not be tempted to start moving on your own. Also, you must be prepared for a lot of practice, in fact, most of our dances are quite advanced, but beginners will be able to master them pretty quickly.

So pole dancing is simple but can take a few years to make it a good and fun exercise. Is there a pole dance studio in your city?

We have a new location opening our doors in London and we’re in the process of setting up the Berlin and Milan branches in 2017. So yes, we’re working with many other pole dancers from other countries.

What inspired the name of the book, Pole Dancing For My Child?

We chose the name Pole Dance For My Child (PDF) for a number of reasons. Firstly it’s easy in English which means it’s the opposite to what we usually call dance, which is very difficult for English speakers. Secondly, a good way of saying it in English is a dance for children of all ages, which many people want to call a dance for a child rather than an adult. And a third reason is that this is an exercise that all of us do at least once or twice a week or more. We all have our own “poles” and “dances” and what we’re trying to do is to use ours creatively and make them ours too.

The next chapter in my “I’m done listening – I’m done being told that women are in it for the money” story will be my first novel “A Girl’s Guide to Being A Girl.”
The plot of the novel involves a young woman named Niki who was just the right age to be a teenager in her family when all of the girls were told in middle school that no girls should wear skirts, and who is also just so used to not getting anything but the worst of it that she doesn’t notice when everything finally starts to change.
Niki is a member of the “The Girlhood Club” – all the girls in her class were “The Girls” for their junior year of middle school. All the girls who were in their class had been there for years and Niki was the first of a very small minority that hadn’t had the life change.
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