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A pole dancer will perform one of five exercises a day for one to three hours a day. The exercises are usually done on the floor (dancing and jumping) and once a week. The exercises focus on building flexibility and muscle strength. The exercises are performed in the following order:

Arthritis – The pole dancer works with a partner, who will use a pole to help support her while she performs the exercises. The pole partner is known as a partner in the exercise. Some pole dancers may switch partners during the exercise.

Flexion – The pole dancer flexes her feet through a specific motion with the help of a partner.

Spine Flexion – The pole dancer moves about with a partner who supports both of her legs by using a pole, called a partner in the exercise.

Calf Flexion – The pole dancer moves about from one side of her body to the other. A partner also supports her thighs or heels. The pole has a platform for the person to stand upon. This position is known as partner in the exercise.

Calf rotation – The pole dancer moves her leg forward and back while lying on her back using a partner.

Exercise time and duration vary. In some cases, the length may be a couple of hours or more. One pole dancer may practice one day at a time. It takes a certain amount of time for the muscles of the body to learn to perform the exercises, and the muscles of a pole dancer will develop even if they are practicing for only two weeks. Some of the exercises may increase endurance even though the muscles of the body do not become more defined. Also, some of the exercises may increase flexibility although the muscles of the body can never be completely developed.

Do some people use other equipment while doing the exercises?

Of course, everyone that is a practicing dancer must use other methods to obtain a full range of motion. The most common other equipment are gymnastics, tumbling, or any form of aerial arts. In some cases, dancers have even used water for the exercise for personal reasons.
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Can pole dancing cause a problem or injury?

No. When pole dancers practice at home, their injuries are not severe.

Where can I find tips, strategies and other information about pole dancing?

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