How do you prepare for pole dancing?

Is there ever a point where you get that little nip or you feel that niggle? Or are you always in the perfect dance?”

Watson: “There’s a perfect moment where I’m spinning with a partner and I feel myself getting a nip. I’m just looking in the mirror and there’s a bump coming up my back. I look down and it’s like, Oh my goodness! I was just looking very, very much like a human being. The only way you find out is that there’s pain.”

Terrance: “Every pole dancer has a natural skill that’s needed for the job and it’s not that hard to learn, and everyone has to be really good to be good at it.”

Watson: “It’s an acquired skill. You have the ability to be able to dance, but it takes years of practice for it to become automatic. A lot of it does not require an external stimulus, which is hard, actually, because you’re not standing there on a pole and looking at the world. But just to be in the moment in a real way, which is the ultimate goal of learning to dance, it does require a lot of practice. It’s also a little bit tougher than you think, because you have to have a lot of patience and a lot of patience. You’re just looking through the eyes of someone you don’t know but they’re dancing. Once you get it down, you’ve kind of got it down but you’re still not going to be able to just turn your head when they’re spinning.”

The Pole Garage
How did you decide which pole dance to audition for, given the amount of competition?

Watson: “First of all, it’s my job and, secondly, I’ve been doing them now about five years. People tell people they don’t know who the world champion is or who the world beater is, so why would I be doing it?”

Terrance: “That’s the question that most people would have [asked me].”

Watson: “Yeah, and I mean, it’s definitely an interesting challenge. My main goal was just to see where I could get a position that I felt comfortable doing. At the time, I didn’t think it would be a challenge at all. I was just going in and working really hard and just doing it and getting better and getting used to it, that’s all it was.”

So why do you think pole dance is so