How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Pole Dance Near Me

“I get a lot more satisfaction from getting a girl to dance in a semi-circle. The way I spin a girl keeps them in a semi-circle in some way. At a certain point, if you get a girl on the dance floor, it’s like a no-no, and then you’ve just ruined the whole thing. I’m looking for the best time to get an individual girl on the dance floor.”

What are your favorite places to work out and how do you get ready, and then do you train?

I train at the gym because it’s like a little secret that has a lot of people inside. I do a lot of lifting, doing some core work from a little bit of a weight loss standpoint. I like the treadmill most because all I have to do is sit down and watch it. I like to do a lot of upper body work, so I’ll train in the weights and get some good upper body work done, and then I’ll get on a treadmill running around. A treadmill is so hard!

Have you worked out with any female teammates?

Yeah, two that I’ve been training with have been my best friends, and that’s a pretty small circle. I’ve had some guys from the local team, and I’m on the women’s team now. I’m not going to do the ladies’ team unless we win, but I’ve trained with that team a few times as well.

What was your first female workout like?

I really enjoyed being in that space. For being as big as I am, as I do it, it’s so simple. You can go anywhere on the treadmill, and just do what you want, and that’s what I did. Just go out for a workout, come in, go to the water fountain, and just get a drink. If you do it right, I didn’t get in any trouble with anyone or anything. I guess you could say it was really good if you were a girl. I definitely didn’t really mind, but I don’t know if it’s good for a male to be doing it. Obviously you can do it, but sometimes when a guy is doing it, it feels different.

Have you ever had female teammates have a negative experience with you and if so, could you elaborate on it?

Definitely been that. My first time, I think I had two people. My second, I think I had one. I don’t know

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