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This one really depended on a couple factors. First, I had a little bit of experience dancing, so I knew what kind of pole work my body was capable of. I also had good friends who had been pole dancing a bit and understood the basics.

My second was that when I first started moving around as a solo pole dancer, it took a lot of time in the beginning. I had to learn to put in a lot of work and practice a ton. It was a steep learning curve.

How long does it take to learn to pole dance?

It was about a year. Then once I was dancing regularly again, it took me less than a year. I think that was a real positive and a huge accomplishment.

Was this the “best pole dancer” you’ve ever met?

Honestly, I don’t think it was the best pole dancer at all, but it was the best performer I know of.

Do you perform live? How does your act compare to some other performers’ acts?

My act has been a little bit different than other performers’ acts. I think it starts with a slow, rhythmic dance routine that takes a while to get used to. Then there are the full on moves that I will give the audience—like the double leg takedown. It’s very much a showcase to me—it’s not just for me. It’s for the audience to see how well I can dance and how good of a dancer I am.

What would your greatest accomplishment be as a pole dancer? Your all-time best?

If I can get another top 3 performance (points from 1 to 3), I’d be ecstatic!

How long do pole dancers usually stay at a club?
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It’s a long process. Most people would leave halfway through the gig and get back on the road. It can also last two weeks, and sometimes four weeks.

Can people get tips?

One of my friends taught me pole dance when I was younger because she did a lot of classes for the pole community in Brooklyn; there was no pole area that she taught at. She is a great teacher but is also incredibly dedicated to her students.

Have you ever had an injury?

Yes! I had a wrist surgery for a year, two years, and a half. I never made the cut in either category.

My friend’s friend told me that a professional dancer would take a similar amount of

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