How much do pole dancers make? – Good Pole Dancing Songs 2018

Pole dancers have different jobs in different locations. They’re typically expected to work from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. most days. A minimum of $18.50 hourly rate is common. While a full time salary is reasonable, a professional pole dancer should earn more. In some years, a full time position will pay more than a part time position.

The wages are based on job location alone. For example, a regular office job could pay more. If your job is closer to the home, the wages might be less. Many of these jobs require extensive training with some dancers even going further than other pole dancers to become an expert. The wages do not include room and board. A full time job might pay for a room in a condo.

How much do pole dancers make?

It’s no secret that the NFL is an enormously lucrative business. Last year’s league revenue was over $15 billion. In 2015, revenues were up 18 percent and were expected to be up a further 15 percent this year.

However, the revenue figures are so high, they may not be as lucrative as you’d think. This week, the Associated Press reports that revenue in the NFL is about $10 billion less than analysts had hoped for.

And yet, the NFL has already been profitable year in and year out. As you can see in the chart below, the top nine teams, with revenue of around $8.7 billion during the 2013 season, earned more revenue than their counterparts from the 2007 to 2013 period, when the NFL had a smaller team base and the bottom nine teams all spent more on salary cap to compensate for the loss in revenue from TV contracts.

Even the bottom team, the Carolina Panthers, earned more than the league average for the three seasons before they were purchased by Charlotte owner Jerry Richardson in 2003. They had revenue of just over $700,000 last year, nearly $300,000 more than the $630,000 in revenue earned by the last-placed Atlanta Falcons.

Here is a list of the NFL’s highest-earning organizations in 2014:

2014 Year-to-Date Revenue $ Billions Top 1 25% $8.7 billion 15 2nd 25% $9,053,064 8 3rd 25% $11,764,914 7 4th 25% $13,764,624 6 5th 25% $17,976,664 5 6th 25

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