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A pole, or a platform, is a metal bar that moves under the top of a dancer’s shoes. To perform a dance move, the dancers have to place their feet on the pole, walk backward into the dance, and then move up and down on the pole. These moves are performed two ways — the normal way with the foot on the pole, and the reverse way only with the foot on the bottom.

What are the benefits of dancing on a dance pole? Dancers walk faster than they would on a regular dance floor, since they can move on the pole through a more powerful force. Some dancers report better posture, posture that is easier to maintain while dancing.

How long will it take to take off a pole dancer’s shoes? A pole dancer must remove his or her shoes with his or her foot inside the pole. If a person goes with their toes outside on an uneven floor, they will be able to walk through more energy energy and move through faster because they are using that energy. This type of pole dancing requires a lot of energy and practice to learn. It can take at least four hours to take off a pole dancer’s shoes completely, but a pole dancer who wants to use the dance to create an advantage over others can usually dance around the pole for a few minutes without any shoes. After that, however, they won’t be able to move on the pole any faster than they did when they were in shoes.

Image caption Dr. Dreyfus (right) has worked with the National Security Agency for 15 years

A Swiss psychiatrist says he has turned down an offer to return to work at US military bases in Europe after speaking out on US surveillance operations.

Dr. Daniel Dreyfus revealed his refusal in an interview with Swiss newspaper Blick.

He said that although he does not agree with the CIA’s actions, he “cared deeply” for the people of the US.

But he said that he did not wish to leave the country because he liked the people there.

“The Americans are our friends, our neighbours, our neighbours in Africa, the Middle East,” he said. “So I care deeply about the US and I am leaving.”

Dr Dreyfus is president of the International Association of Psychotherapists (IAP). He was the main whistleblower for the release of an IAP document revealing what the US government considers is a legal “black site” where it tortures suspected terrorist suspects.

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