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How about you, the customer? Does each pole weigh 2lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs?
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Well, I’ll tell you this, the biggest question I receive from pole dancers are about our weight, and our pole dancing pole. I’ve been doing pole dancing for 20 yr’s now, and have never met anyone that weighs less than 180lbs. It’s pretty amazing because pole is NOT a strength. A lot of my pole dancing clients will tell you that their best form is getting hit. If you’re not hitting hard, you’re doing it wrong. It’s that simple. Here are some of the things that you need to do (and NOT do) to NOT put on extra body fat:

Do not use the same pole 2 hours a day, do not use the same pole twice, etc.. Do not use the same weight for your first couple of days. I can’t stress enough about this. I’ve heard of pole dancers having to buy another pole after the first one wears out before they start working on it again. A new pole is the best pole for this. I am a bit of a gym rat, and I hate to break down (I hate to get my ass scratched) but the last three years I’ve built my own pole and I’ve been able to break down a new one every 2 weeks. The problem is, that was with the old pole. The new one takes longer to repair and is a whole new animal. Also, your body will never be able to get this kind of muscle to maintain proper posture and get the weight off. I always tell my pole dancers that to get good form, they must do everything in the book and not only do the movements correctly, but use all the power and the balance of your body. So here are some suggestions: The first thing that you want to do is to stretch up into your pole. So stretch up to your knees. Use only your hands and your elbows for this stretch. Keep your back and your shoulders relaxed. Just do it for 5-10 seconds and relax. Do a couple of dips (or a few pull ups, if you can do them).

Take your hands and place on your head. Put your hands on your belly. Just keep going. Make sure you can still feel your hands. Do a few push ups. Take your hands on your bottom. Put them on your hips. Keep going. Do a couple of lunges. If you can do these moves, then you should be done with your

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