How much room do you need for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Clothes Set Monthly Reminders

Pole dancing is not limited to an eight-person dance floor. Pole dancing is a physical sport that can accommodate even more.

What if my guests are small?

Pole dancing does not require large audiences and can easily expand to accommodate guests with smaller stature.

What if I want guests to have fun?

Pole dancing is more about fun with your friends. Your friends can be your guests and they can be your pole dancers. There are so many interesting things to see and do with your guests – there is never a dull moment.

How about my pets?

Pole dancing has many benefits to both pets and people who enjoy watching our animals. Many people love to watch their cat or dog dance and are so enamored with his/her unique way of dancing they often treat it like one of their own. This is a great thing for the kitties, for the owners/carers, to enjoy. Pole dancing also provides an added element of entertainment in the home and can be a good distraction from other activities.

How much space do you have for pole dancing?

Pole Dancing can accommodate up to eight people in a four-person dance floor. There is space at both the end and the beginning for people to walk around on the floor. It can be easily expanded for larger dance floor.

Do you ever sell drinks while dancing, and do you drink beer while you dance?

No, Pole Dancing has a great deal to offer to the beer drinker and pole dancer, we only sell beer (as opposed to beer coolers)

Can I sell drink items from the DJ booth?

Not sure where to sell some beer and/or accessories. Check the poles we have in stock or ask a dance teacher if you have specific questions about sale items.

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