How much weight can a dance pole hold? – Miss Pole Dance

A 4’11” dancing pole has 12 times the force per unit area that a 5’8″ swinging pole does. A 6’9″ pole will hold 8.5 times more force than a 6’6″ swinging pole. A 4’11” pole has 14.5 times more mass than a 5’8″ throwing pole, and a 6’9″ pole has 25 times more mass.

We have plenty of information about the forces that a person would apply, and how much weight a swinging pole should hold. However, it is rarely enough.

We also have the tendency to exaggerate. So it is easy to believe that a 7′ 4″ long pole will hold an amazing 7 tons, or 5,200 pounds. We often look at the “thickest weight” on the earth and get the impression that one must be held to the ground, holding a 100 tonne weight.

What is the strongest thing we all can use to move?

Here is a table that shows the strengths of various objects. You can see many different object sizes and shapes, with lots of different strengths and weights.

The table shows 2.8 times the weight of gravity when thrown, or 6.3 times the mass of weight when thrown a certain distance. As we add weight, it becomes closer to a perfect balance, but the numbers are not quite right.

One thing that the table doesn’t show, is how much force the objects have after they have been moving for a certain period of time. There is a force from the acceleration of gravity acting on objects in the air, but there is also a force from the force from the wind, and the force from the force from the earth.

If the ground is moving at 10 inches a second, then a pole will continue to be thrown at the same rate, but it is much lighter, and more unstable from a weight/mass standpoint.

This is not to deny what gravity does, just to point out that it is not the only force involved.

Other factors such as density, wind, and angle, also contribute to the throw. It has been suggested that a 20-year old can move 1.1 tons weight by just throwing an iron pole, so the answer probably lies more in the strength of that force, and less in the mass required to throw a larger object. So, it would be a very large object, in both magnitude and time, to throw a 20-

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