How much weight can a dance pole hold? – Pole Dance Shoes 6 Inch

The weight of the dance pole will be in relation to the number of dancers or the duration of the action.

For example a pole over 10′ tall will hold up to a 10′ long pole which is a little bit heavier.

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If you have the pole on your dance floor then your audience is much heavier.

For maximum effect on your guests dancing is important.

If you have to get all the people off, that’s your number one priority, you won’t be able to see them on a pole with your weight on it.

The best way to move people off a pole is by using the back. People like to have a bit of space in front of them for dancing and then to slide right past the weight.

When it comes to holding up heavy things like bars or stools there are a few methods.

The first one is to lay the pole or stick in the ground. This is a good way of using that space where you can see the dancers.

The next option is to put the pole under the floor and hold the pole by the base. This takes the weight off of you and allows you to slide into the rest of the floor.

The final option is to just stand on top of the pole making the weight of your body rest in the centre of the dance floor.

The more you can use the ground for motion the more powerful it will be.

Using your body weight has a lot of applications in dance and in life.

We love dancing on it.

Find more tips on how to move bodies with your body weight on the next page.

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