How much weight can a dance pole hold? – Pole Dancer Song

In addition to being a great addition to any pole, the dance pole can hold a ton of weight in a tight ball as the dancer is balancing on it. It just depends on the diameter and length of the pole. For one pole, a medium dancer might be able to walk across it if they are fairly tall, or they can carry the pole vertically. Some dancers can even reach the top of the pole.

Should the dancer swing the pole?

No, you shouldn’t. The dancing pole is just a solid ball that is in the way and therefore shouldn’t move. It should simply serve as stability for the dancer, keeping them balanced and safe. You might feel comfortable using the pole if your style of dancing uses it as a pendulum or as part of a rope swing.

Can the pole be a swing?

Yes. The Pole can be a swing or a pendulum. If you want to use it as part of a swing, you can take it forward and swing it back. However, don’t use it as a pendulum, as that will lead to the pole being a lot taller and might be a liability for your dance partner.

Do dances like twerking need this kind of pole?

Dances like twerking, in general, benefit from the pole. Dancing Twerk, for example, relies on the presence of the pole for balance. If you can’t swing, you will be more prone to fall. The dance will seem to be more unstable, resulting in less dancing experience.

Will the pole hurt my dance partner?

A pole can be a difficult thing to balance. Even if you work for hours holding a pole, it will be very difficult for your partner to hold their head up high without falling off the dance floor. If your dance partner falls the pole will help to protect the dance floor as they fall. Just remember, you can throw the pole to help protect your partner, but you can also throw it away if you need to.

Why should I choose a pole?

If you want to get out and dance, this is a great way to do it. They also make good toys and can be very attractive gifts. The pole is a fantastic choice for kids as well, since it is so sturdy. Pole dancers tend to be young and look great in their shiny colors, so they can still have fun without having to worry about being looked at. People tend to love the design of an old fashioned

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