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It is not clear this, unless the person who wrote about it is very stupid to have written that.

“A lot of questions were raised but this dance pole is the equivalent of a big pole, so the question is, is the weight that big enough to do a full spin?”

The dance pole is not much heavier than the average adult’s arm at its centre. In fact, it is almost as big as a basketball court, according to Mr Beaumont.

“The dance pole is made of fibreglass and is designed to be held in place so its weight is not transmitted to the human body when it enters the floor,” he said.

“It is very stable and it doesn’t rotate around, so it’s a bit of a miracle the people on it keep going.”

Mr Beaumont said there had to be laws about how heavy things should be and if they are not, he will use his pole in other places.

“I haven’t actually taken it to a bar or anything,” he said.

“I have a few friends who have, but it’s unlikely that I would be able to do it in a bar.”

In response to the question, Mr Beaumont said his dance pole would not likely be used as a bouncer.

It is a common sight around Victoria’s night clubs.

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The Department of Labor has decided to rescind the Obama administration’s guidance on transgender people’s access to health care. The department said in a statement that it will not begin issuing new instructions, known as “guidebooks,” because “such guides do not provide an adequate understanding of transgender health care.”
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Secretary of HealthAndHumanServices Sylvia Burwell said it was up to states and hospitals how to interpret the guidance.

“At this time, all employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees may provide their employees with the coverage needed under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act if that coverage is available based on what is best for that employee and his or her family,” she said in the release.

The department said it is giving states two weeks to decide on whether to issue guidance about transgender students, according to ABC News. The statement does not mention that the guidance will continue to apply to plans offered on state exchanges.

“We are hopeful that in the coming weeks and months, the Trump Administration will revisit these regulations and

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