How often should you practice pole dancing? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic Pageant Gowns

Every day. Most women who go on pole dancing trips do not return. Most women will do more with Pole Dance Camp.

What are pole dance classes? The four classes offered by Pole Dance Camp are a: class to learn the basics of pole dance, class for beginners to learn how to go on pole dances to learn about pole dancing with other women and a section reserved for those students that would like to join the other classes as a full time member. You can find these and all the other classes at Pole Dance Camp.

Where do my registration fees go? The registration fees listed on our web page and at the door, go to your credit card company or bank, and get paid to us. If your credit card company sends you a bill, it will be to you. The information about this goes to your bank and we don’t see a cent. You are not charged anything after you attend our event.

What happens if I drop out? You leave Pole Dance Camp! The next class is on the 27th of September. If you drop out you can’t re-register and you are outta there. You lose the $9 price tag. You drop out and you are outta there!

What if I’ve done it before? You have not had a pole dance class at Pole Dance Camp for some time. That is OK! You can still take classes at our regular camp.

Do I have to bring my own pole? You can bring a pole! We do teach pole to children and they make great pole dancers! However, if you are coming from out of state. You need permission from your parents to bring a pole.

Do I have to bring my camera? No. But we really appreciate when students bring their camera and we really wish you all took your camera with you to practice to.

Do I have to be a student of the USTA or the ASAFA? Yes! You are welcome to come see us if you are not already a member.

Is my student ID okay? Yes, if you have permission from your school to take it. If you would like to keep your student ID it is up to you how you go about keeping it a secret. We need the teacher, the parent and the students to have a secret ID. If you lose your student ID it is at your own risk.

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