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Yes, I think it’s important that you do! The more you do the more you will get better at it!
On the other hand, if you are a beginner you know that pole dancing is not as hard as one might think. So what if you find yourself constantly getting frustrated at the start; just don’t get mad enough to stop!
That said, if you try to do it too hard you will get stuck on a plateau.
It’s best to train your technique a little bit at a time. Once you get better at pole dancing you will find yourself performing at the right height, and not too far off the wall at a certain angle. 
When the pole dance starts to take a little more of a backseat for you, make sure that you get a little bit of practice at the top before moving on.
As long as you continue the same routine and are consistent then you will quickly get the hang of the style.
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In the old days, people would go out on the street and try new tricks to see what worked and what didn’t . When they tried something new they were often frustrated and thought there was no use trying it. But eventually they figured out that they could do it. This is exactly what you want to do at the start of pole dancing!
Do you feel like your pole dancing is lacking a little in technique here? If yes then think of all the things going on in your environment in the last few months which could have taken the magic out of yourself – how you walked, how you stood, how you had your clothes on or off, how the noise around you was…etc.
These things can all throw you off balance mentally and can be a big hindrance to progress. So if you find yourself getting a little disoriented at times, don’t just stop pole dancing. Take some time and look at your surroundings. Are you being pushed around a little by your surroundings? Are you just not getting the support you need?
When you are tired and you get stuck on a plateau, stop and have a chat with your instructor or teacher about taking the time off to do something else (like a class or a workshop). Don’t take your pole dancing to the next level by feeling stuck. 
What’s your favourite pole dance move?

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