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What’s in the box?

The following are some tips and tricks for making the perfect spinning pole out of scrap materials:

Use high-quality, non-toxic, flame-retardant paint.

Don’t forget to have some wire attached to the base. When you attach the pole it doesn’t have to be perfect, just perfect.

Avoid using tape. Just because the base is finished and looks “perfect” doesn’t mean it is. There might be a couple of flaws in the base, or the pole might not be completely smooth. If it’s just a little bit imperfect, just sand it in. If there are any big wrinkles that aren’t in the final finished product, then don’t be afraid to use a small bit of adhesive to fix them.

If you need to trim the length of the pole so that you can adjust it to different heights, then don’t trim in the middle. You’ll just end up cutting out the center of the pole.

You can adjust the height of the pole by simply tightening the clamp as needed as the poles are made. Also as you can see on the following video, the clamp isn’t exactly as snug as it needs to be and if you screw the pole too high, you’ll only end up with one side of the pole sticking out the back of the frame and the other side of the pole sticking out the front of the frame. This is easily fixed either by tightening the clamp and then rotating it slightly or by simply replacing the clamp the rest of the way and then tightening again.

If you aren’t using a clamp, you can adjust the height of the pole as you assemble the frame. Just put the two poles on the same plane, clamp the frame to it and drill a hole at least an inch wide. Then just take a piece of foam board and stick it into the hole. That’s it. No cutting at all.

Now that you have all of the tools in your tool kit, here are a few more tips and tricks for making the perfect spinner.

How to make your own pole

As described above, the first step is to make a template for the base, make two holes for your wire and use that to drill small holes in your foam board.

Next make holes for the top and bottom of the base and attach them to the frame with hot glue.

With these two pieces, glue on a wire and attach the bottom, top and one

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