Is a spinning pole better? – Pole Dance Shorts Singapore

No. You may see people spinning on the left side or the right side of their head when they’re lying flat on their back. That’s not better. You’re just spinning in the opposite direction.

Is it better if you lie flat still and take a “slip and grab”?

No, it’s no better. If you lie still and take the hand, you’re pulling forward against your spinal column. This is more dangerous than spinning because your legs and torso are going to get lifted when you take this move.

If you do a slide, take your head up when you do it, and then let it slide down. This may help keep you from moving back up and can reduce risk of injuries to your ribs.

Are there any other tips to reduce the danger of slipping and falling on your butt?

Avoid lying on your back when you travel and lying on your stomach when you are sitting. Be cautious about going to the tops of stairs or steps, if you have a belly.

Be cautious in the changing rooms, especially at work, when you are changing clothes. Be vigilant about the changing facilities at sporting events.

Always wear sturdy shoes and sturdy clothing when walking around. Walk with an even stride and try to keep your heel down at all times.

When going to the lavatory, take your shoes off and put your socks on. Never put your shoes back on until you’re in the lavatory. And make sure your toilet seat is on and have all the locks on it. If you have to change, always lock your toilet seat before you do.

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