Is it easy to learn pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Classes Las Vegas Strip

It definitely is. It is also very comfortable and quick to get into. In fact, my best time was in the 4 days that I had a lot of friends around for my tutorial videos.

Was pole dancing hard to learn? No

When I first started I struggled a lot, but I really enjoyed teaching and I had great times. Now it is amazing! I would say it can be much harder, but it is absolutely amazing.

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Do any pole dancers have any advice or pointers to improve pole dancing?

They do! I personally think it takes quite a bit of work. My advice is to practice and try new things often which is what I do. I also find that if I learn from other people, there is a good chance they are going through some of the same things. I have already started working on the pole dancing section of my web site so that will hopefully take a bit of my time away.

The biggest point in your pole dancing life has been traveling with other top performers. Are there any interesting experiences you’ve had to share with other pole dancers?

Of course there have been some interesting experiences to share. One of the most memorable is the trip of 8 guys from Australia and 3 from Europe to the city of L.A. in July 2011 to attend the annual International Pole Dance Competition held by the California Pacific Pole Association. Our trip was sponsored by the Northern Pacific College of Dancers. This was a dream come true and we had so much fun learning the art of pole dance with all 7 of the other top dancers from the L.A. area, plus many more other world class dancers.

Other than the trips being amazing, another highlight was hanging out with another member of the community while we were there! There were many moments in my life in which I’ve met members of other communities, and it’s amazing to see them on the pole.

Other than that, I think that one thing that is really amazing about the club is that it’s a place where you can learn from other world class pole dancers, whether that’s your friends or even just visiting from out of towners. If it’s a class, then you can get a real sense of what the class is going to be like by seeing other pole dancers on pole. As well as that, they are a family with a lot of fun, which is one of the most powerful relationships a community can have. The community really understands each other and is a great place to start

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