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(Photo: The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Wale - Pole Dancer (Feat. Megan Thee Stallion) Music Video

Pumpkinhead is the name of the man who invented the “disco ball” during a drunken Saturday in 1864 at an Ohio cotton field near the state line.

He invented it as a kind of amusement, which is how it came to be considered “sport.” But it quickly evolved into something much more serious. In the last century, the “ball” became an act of public drunkenness, and it’s still one in which the only acceptable place to go is the local bowling alley.

Some people can’t stop doing it to other people. There are now more people performing lap dances, often while carrying sticks. And a lot of people are too drunk to know it.

And so the “disco ball” has been a punch line among hipsters for decades. It was so infamous that it had its own Wikipedia page. It’s also the most popular dance in this article.

In recent years, “disco ball” has been linked with an increasing number of “sporting events,” in which people use props or equipment in their dancing. It’s as if this new trend has evolved beyond the “sporting events” we all know and love. The trend even got the attention of the United States Congress.

“It seems like a fun tradition to celebrate the holiday, but it was invented as a party trick,” wrote reporter Mike Reiss in 2005.

The original “disco ball” can be seen in a photo on a home website that shows a group of men dancing to the old-time music of “Tales from the Field.”

An early photo (in the 1930s) shows “dance floor” and “tent” at the time when “disco ball” was practiced. (Photo: Courtesy of staff)

The first “dance floor” was built by the Cincinnati Enquirer around 1882, using a tent and pole set up on the floor. The Cincinnati Enquirer also recorded the “dance on a ball” on its archives website.

This new ball dancing has taken many forms, including a “drunk-dance” held by the Cincinnati Cardinals, “disco dancing on a rug” at an indoor football game at Great American Ball Park in 1996 and a “Lil’ Tom” in the form of a “drunk-dance” at a home game between the Pirates and White Sox in 2002

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