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How often does one need to have the right equipment – the right shoes and the right clothing – to dance to the right pole?

There have been times when pole dancers have had to make a decision in situations where it was not possible to dance correctly because someone else was on the same pole. Pole dance teachers are very knowledgeable about the needs of all pole dancers and know the correct amount of pole to use for all sizes and styles and the correct way to position the pole.

At the core of pole dancing is the ability to perform the act of pole dancing, as fast and gracefully as possible, with the proper poles. The best way to learn whether you need to learn the correct type of pole is to dance it. Then, you can see how you dance while you learn.

Are pole dance classes required?

No. Most pole classes are informal or non-competitive. For formal dance classes, students must audition.

Who can perform at your pole dance?

Anyone interested in pole dancing. Students should be able to perform their dance on a large variety of surfaces with the correct materials (eg. carpet or rug) and technique (eg. back and side step, side arm drag). At most professional pole dance events, pole dancing competitions will require all dancers to be able to dance.

Is my child eligible for pole dancing?

If you have a pole dancing certification, pole dancing is generally open to children under 4 – with some exceptions. If you are unsure about your child’s eligibility, you should contact the Department of Education to learn more about what they consider to be an acceptable level of fitness for pole dancing and to make a recommendation.

How do I find a pole dance class?

For more information on finding a pole dance class or learning more tips about pole dancing, contact the Department of Education and Career Services to arrange a lesson with Pole & Dance Coach. Pole & Dance Coach is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. or by calling 206-528-9444 during school hours.

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Is a class allowed on Halloween, Christmas Day, and Thanksgiving Day?

No. A pole dance class is only allowed on the day that the pole dance is conducted.

What if I need to leave a class early?

If at any time during the dance (for example, to move to a new class) you feel uncomfortable or feel like the class is not very helpful to you or your partner, you

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