Is pole dancing dangerous? – Pole Dance Classes

Yes. Pole dancing, to use the modern word, is not a form of physical activity that is safe for all ages. It is an art that is primarily for those of athletic backgrounds (muscle mass, stamina, coordination and strength) who already possess the requisite physical characteristics to participate in the sport. Pole dancing is dangerous if a person is under-trained in the fundamentals from which pole dancing is developed. Pole dancing is a sport for the beginner and, to the untrained, is an art of grace, dance, confidence, fun, freedom and beauty.

Are pole dancers dangerous?

No. You are not at special risk of injury. It is an extremely dangerous profession, and a few serious injuries have occurred in the past, including deaths. However, most serious injuries occur in accidents. If you perform on a pole, it may be a great deal closer than you think.

If your injuries were caused by dancing on the pole, whether intentional or not, it’s still your responsibility to protect yourself. If you have not yet learned the basics, make an extra effort and learn them first.

How is it different from high-risk behavior?

It is similar in that it’s generally not very dangerous. It’s often associated with certain types of risky activities – like fast driving, drinking, and drugs. Many people have accidents involving heavy trucks. However, pole dancing and the high-risk aspects of the sport are very different.

Dancing on a pole is safer simply because you are going straight upwards (up) at an angle and are not performing an aerial dance (as with high-risk stunts).

Does pole dancing give me the strength and stamina necessary to perform at level? You don’t need to be a professional athlete to perform pole. However, most pole dancers have an ability at the very most to get on and move along.

How often should I perform this sport?

Your best time is always a matter of personal choice. It depends on your ability to balance properly, if you are willing to use the right balance positions of which one can become skilled at (like the butterfly or even the split). Depending on how much you like the sport, it might involve practicing for days or even weeks on end, and then you can decide whether you feel confident or risk losing it all.

How To Pole Dance for Beginners - Front Hook Spin - YouTube
For beginners, there is no need to perform to the extreme, and you don’t need to know how to do the best to go to the most pole

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