Is pole dancing the same as stripping?

Yes. The only difference is you may have to take a little while longer to find the right position. How long is it for pole dancing? Well, as far as I know, a pole dancer will not work a club, so the answer is one minute to one minute and a half, or one hour. A dancer must take every opportunity. Now, you have a set time that you must go for. I’m going to give you my own set time, and I will give it to you. Now, if you think that that time isn’t good enough, you’re welcome to go for a little faster, or a little slower. But as long as you don’t work out your muscles and your body too much, you’ll be fine. Just tell me that you must go for one minute and a half. OK, now I’m going to give you an hour to make sure that you work out the muscle and body you need. But do you want to stay like a little child? No, I will leave you here while I do it. Ok, now do it. Don’t stop me, it’s not a bad job. We can go for a little faster or slower. Do it. Good, do it. Good boy. Now, I’m going to give you 1 minute and 50 seconds to get used to this position. Now, I’ll come here and let you know, and I’ll make sure you can do it. Are you ready to get used to this position? OK, so just relax, let me handle it all in one go. Ok, now just hold on to my hands, and you can go. See, you’re very nervous. Are you worried I won’t go fast enough? Of course, it’s impossible for me not to. It’s one minute to one minute and a half, and that’s all there is to it. What else do you need to know? What’s another part? Ok, so it’s called “the whip.” Do you like it? Yes, I will whip it if you’re not careful. When you do it right, it’s very fun…but the only thing that gets you excited is when you can’t help it. It’s fun to watch the audience go absolutely wild, just going crazy. This is my favorite part–if you want some more. This’s where it gets really rough, because the whip is very strong. You can’t do much more than that, because it will hurt. We are going to do this a
Miss Pole Dancing Argentina and Sudamerica 2010