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I have been doing this for about 4 years now and after the first 4 years it was still making me money. But today i can’t get any more. My body is broken and getting bigger with age. I am going to the doctor in 10 days to see the doctor what to do. As for the clothes that i wear all day – they will never fit me anymore. I am a woman who has the body of a man, but still wears a short skirt – it is way more comfortable than a dress that should have been made for a woman. I am in the same situation, wearing a short dress every morning, and then a skirt in the evening. My body will also get even worse and will not fit anymore for the rest of my life. There is no way I can wear shorts anymore and I have enough hair to go to the shop and buy a pair of shorts. Now there is no way for me to buy a decent pair of jeans. I even tried to find another job but the boss is not interested in helping me but rather he is looking for the work.

Is it worth the money?

In my entire life I have tried everything, including having surgery and hormone therapy and failed many times. At the time the surgery was in full swing, my skin and underarms and legs were completely bald but for the last 4 years now, my underarms and legs are covered up. My body is too big and heavy. I wear long and skinny pants but can’t wear it anymore. My face is so ugly, that I don’t want anything to do with it or any of our society!

What advice would you have to somebody who has these problems, to change things for their better?

I don’t have any advice at all because there are people that are doing this already. You just need to find a way and make it worth your money. It may mean that there is a lot of struggle and sometimes even painful struggle, but if you are willing to start a change to your body and take the tough step of being yourself then its worth it.

I also have another female friend who has been going bald for 7 years now. She never had problems with her hair growing and also did lots of other hair growth hormone therapy. This friend wears a short dress but only for herself and she is so confident in herself. So i hope that she too will make that change, but in my opinion, its worth it.

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