Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Competition 2018

Yes. The pole dancer must weigh at least 75 kg (180 lbs.). The pole dance will last 5 minutes.

How shall the participants go from standing up to the pole?

Poles will be placed in front of the participants, so that they stand up straight. Each participant has to stand for at least 10 seconds. A dance partner is present at the front of the pole.

How shall the pole dancers’ bodies and hips be arranged?

The pole dancers use their body weight to push the head back onto the floor. The hips must be straight.

How do the participants move through the poles?

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The dancers are placed in a small circle, a few steps apart. To enter the circle, the dancers have to place their right foot over the first step and their left foot over the second step, before reaching the center of the circle. During the dance, all participants must keep their head up and stay vertical.

May pole dancers be on the ground?

Poles are on the ground, but participants must step down from the pole only as far as their foot can go.

Any more questions?

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