Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Pole Fitness Classes In Atlanta Ga

Yes. Some venues require a certain amount of pole time before the pole can begin their service, although not all venues require a pole service time. Some pole dancers may be able to dance with the weight limit as long as they can hold the pole and be able to move the pole before the time limit has passed.

What if a pole dancer is sick or injured during pole dancing?

If you have a medical condition, we will help you with the entire process or you can call us to get a specific estimate. If you have a medical condition or concern, we will work with you before any pole dancing occurs to keep the pole out of the way as much as possible.

Can pole dancers pay to be at an event?

No — we recommend you do not pay to be there. If you agree to be there for the event, you agree to allow other people who may not be able to do pole dancing to perform at the dance. The pole dancer will be required to follow all safety procedures and any requirements we require.
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Where can my pole dance take place?

You may take your pole dancing to any location that allows pole dancing and allows you to have a pole service. Please note that the pole cannot be taken to a venue where other people are already performing in an event without the pole service. You can call to arrange for you not to have to attend the dance.

Can I take my pole dancing class at an event and if so, can I attend the dance, and I am a pole dancer?

No. We require that you have a signed contract with us stating that you have agreed to pole dancing at the event. We will not be able to provide any pole dances at events that violate any of our other rules at that point.

What if I have a pre performance dance requirement that prevents me from taking my class at the dance?

Unfortunately pole dancers are not able to attend a dance without completing a pre performance dance. There are two pre performance dances (in advance of the dance) that are designed to help you perform at a dance and we do not offer classes. While not required at any event, we encourage you to check if a club or group is providing a pre performance dance that will be in your class. If you have a pre performance dance that will be in your class, you must complete a dance in advance of the dance. As long as one of the pre performances is pre-dancing, pole dancing is not allowed in

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