What do pole dancers do? – Indian Pole Gymnastics

The most common activities of a pole dancer are:

Walking ,

Shuffling ,

Bending ,

Spinning ,


What if I get hurt?

A serious injury can occur at any time of day or a moment on either. The following are common injuries to pole dancers:


Joints ,

Back ,

Chest ,

Facial fractures,

Dissociative disorders.

Can you take my pictures?

Yes, many pole dancers enjoy taking pictures of their work. Some of them prefer to do so when they are under the influence of alcohol so it is best to call ahead.

Is it legal to have a pole in my garden?

Poles are allowed to be in the garden if they are under one meter. Most people don’t consider these things as a problem because a pole doesn’t have to be in the way when you are enjoying a garden and there are other ways to put them to use.

What is the difference between pole wrestling and jiu-jitsu?

Both practices are based on the “jumping out of a moving van.” In jiu-jitsu, the competitors must jump off one place of an object with their arms and land on the other side before they land. In pole wrestling, the competitors hop, bounce and flip up and down as well as over the heads of opponents. This is called wrestling and is common in Europe. A pole-wrestler will wrestle a competitor, flip the target over, and throw it. The competitor may also use his arms or leg (or both) to defend himself from the slam.

What do we do in the house with poles that we can’t take outside?

Many pole dancers like to “re-wire” their poles. In other words they take the poles apart and re-weld them together. These pole re-welds are called “poles-out.” Another idea is to find the “cracks” in the pole and drill a hole under the center section of the pole using a small drill that you have on your floor. If you have all the tools you would need to re-wire your pole, there is little need to take it outside and see what you can find out where.

What do pole dancers use for pillows?

Although you probably haven’t heard of any pillows made from poly

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