What do pole dancers do? – Pole Dance Gif Funny

Pole dancers practice performing moves.

They learn the techniques of footwork and arm work by performing these moves at home.

What are the reasons for pole dancing?

The reasons for pole dancing are to:

Increase physical fitness.

Improve personal skill


Improve stamina.

Enhance emotional health.

Help people to improve awareness of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Help people to be more expressive, and to experience the joy of dance.

The following videos are created by performers for other pole dancers. The dancers used them to help them learn about pole dancing.

Pole Dance with Pippa.

The Story of Two Poles

Poles Dance with Dita.

Pole Dancing with the Girl from Brooklyn & Gwen.

How to Get Started by Pippa.

Learn to Dance at School

Learn how to dance to your favorite music at an indoor dance studio in Los Angeles or Philadelphia, while staying connected.

Contact Pippa for more information about Pole Dancing Classes and Lessons.

Contact Pippa if you have any questions concerning Pole Dancing or P.A.U.I.B.s.

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