What do pole dancers do?

Pole dancers are the last line of defense. And they’ve got to know their stuff. You can either get them from a traditional dance school that teaches a lot of routines you can’t figure out on your own, or they work at some nightclub or club.

Here’s a video demonstrating a drill and how to make it work for you:

1. Swing like a pendulum

This is a drill that involves spinning on your back and then swinging your leg (arms and hand if needed) back and forth. Here’s an example that we have from a dancer and her instructor on YouTube.

2. Twist around

This is a drill that involves twisting your legs, arms and hands. Here’s the original video where we do it.

3. Push and roll

Here’s a drill where you push and roll (with legs turned out to get more stretch) from front to back. This works best if you practice this drill with your back, and if you want to do it from a bar you should be on your stomach.

4. Kegel-up/down

This is another drill where you perform a push-up with your upper body and then perform a down. That is called a “squat-up” and is what many pole dancers do. Many do this at the start of their routines, but it allows the back to stretch out, and it teaches core strength. Here’s the original video.

5. The pole dance is about the energy

This is our pole style is all about a full body, dynamic approach to balance, power and precision. You have to have a great dance, like body swaying, to be a good pole dancer. Here are a few lessons from our instructors that can help.

6. The swing is a great example of movement and movement alone

For movement alone, there is no such thing as dance with your legs. They don’t move. This would also translate to any physical movement, like swinging. This doesn’t mean all dancing is dance with your legs. Dance with your dance.

7. Balance is not just about legs

Balance doesn’t just come from your legs. Balance can come from your back or any part of your body because we all have to support and support our bodies.


Learn the moves you want to do. Then just learn them. Take lessons.
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