What does pole dancing do to your body?

The body is a product, it’s made by people, it is an exercise. My first pole dance class, for example, was on the second floor of the Kmart in the Valley. I could sit at my desk and take notes, but my body would move with every step, not just my head. I was a little bit slower at first, because I had to really work, even after 10 times of practice. But once I got used to it and did them several times a week for four or five years, I got the stamina to go for 40 to 50 minutes.

What are your thoughts on weight training?

Weight training is all about pushing your body harder than it’s ever been pushed. Weight training makes me stronger, more flexible and healthy, so it’s hard not to go to a gym once in a while and do some light weight training.

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If we are all in this together, then it behooves us to work together more, but I don’t think pole dancing will help anyone else when it comes to weight training.

Is there anybody you would love to see on the pole dance team?

Oh, god no. My dream team would be the All-Stars. I think the stars of the team are some very talented dancers, even those who don’t think they are great at pole dancing. Most of these great dancers would probably have trouble getting their feet moving properly by themselves — unless they are a dancer named Jennifer Lawrence. I know she can move pretty good, but if she was on the pole dance team, I’d like to see her do it and get all the compliments of the girls.

What do you think of the current level of talent?

The pole dance world has grown exponentially. There are so many talented young women all over the world and around the world and it’s a huge problem for me because I’m not doing these girls much. I don’t have time to train them. I’m not a coach and I never have been. They need a strong coach who is going to give them all the help and advice they need to take the next steps on their journey. I just hope the world gets there, because the talent is out there if they just stay on their toes.


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