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There are different routines for every level of pole dancer. Some are for beginners and beginners want an easy routine, others for advanced dancers. It can be challenging and a choreography may not be that easy and a good dancer should be able to make it work because the process is very rewarding and you gain great skills. If you are new to pole dancing and have never performed on pole, you should know how to go with your partner and learn the steps quickly. If you are a bit more advanced and want to improve with every routine, there is a good routine that can be found easily. So, do the exercises and try out the routine together with your partner. For beginners make sure that they get a good balance on the pole and take their time. For advanced dancers they should do the exercises when they are already at the beginner level. It is very important to work out a routine before dancing, so you will be able to relax and enjoy.

How do you do each of your exercises?

There are a lot of different ways to do your exercises. The following exercises are some of the basic ones:

Dancing on the pole

In this method you hold on to the pole as well as the poles hand to hand and move it in the following movements:

The second of the three ways, which is called pole dancing (which means dancing on the pole or dancing with the pole), is when the pole is held on its side.

The first method which is called pole dancing or pole dance is one when it is held in front. You take on the other pole or the pole of the other pole dancer with your hands (which is usually called ‘the pole hand’), and take a dance step along that pole, and in the end the other pole dancer has his/her legs close to his feet and his/her shoulders close to the pole.

The second method does not give any contact and one of the poles does have a hand on the other pole or he/she has his hands on the pole.

In this method they take a dancing step along, the first of which is called back bending, and then they move their legs back around on the pole.

The third way is sometimes called ‘standing’ which means they are all on the pole and dance along together (some dancers move their legs forward on the pole but others go on the pole). This is when all three poles dance together, but with their own dance step and not at all on a dance

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