What exercises help with pole dancing? – Miss Pole Dance

Do you have a favorite or can’t decide?

Hi! My husband is a pole dancer and he loves a challenge! He enjoys the pole and is willing to train a pole in a class! Also, for people who have any questions, feel free to chat with me, and I will be happy to assist!

Are there any ways I can keep my partner from catching my feet on the pole?

Hi! Just a quick note, I’m very sorry that this has happened to your partner. I had no idea this would happen, so please be gentle, and remember this is an extreme sport, and there are lots of things in pole dance that people may not understand/understand! That’s why we try to explain every step so you understand the correct steps on the ground and the correct steps with your partner.

I have a question about pole dancing and how I should go about making my partner feel confident in my dancing! What does having a good partner look like? What about a great partner for me?

Hi! I’m so sorry this has happened! I had no idea it happened to you! My partner is one of the greatest people I know and I am so sorry that you feel so alone. There are many things I have always encouraged and admired about him… It’s my hope that you can find some form of comfort and help you find your own ways of getting your partners to dance in a way that makes you happy. You can find an awesome partner right here… Have fun!

Is it easier to make my partner dance with me if I have a hand-held pole?

Hi! First, congratulations! That is the coolest thing I have ever heard! There’s nothing like having a partner that you can go with to take a step forward or a step back at the start or at the end in a dance. Second, a pole with a hand-held style is more challenging than an inline pole, and I believe it will also help with some of the common skills. A simple exercise that can help balance, coordination, movement, and agility is to raise your partner’s hand (if they have one) to put a small cup, such as a watermelon, in a basket on the pole. I have seen this done and have been impressed by how easy it is to maintain balance on the pole (you get your partner to walk on a line and balance it as they dance around it to catch the cup) and to move with their partner without getting their

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