What exercises help with pole dancing? – Pole Dance Classes For Beginners Near Me Storage In Tulsa

Practice – the only thing that matters!

Pole drills – as I said before, not very effective; try to mix the two

Crossing stances – to be more dynamic; this way you can move your legs more freely

What’s your favourite pole dance routine and why?

Hilarious, but too hard, as pole doesn’t allow much variation

What was your first pole dance?

Sydney – by the dance school

What does your pole dance career look like now?

Currently teaching pole dancing.

What other pole dance styles have you heard about? Are there any that you’ve never heard or haven’t tried?

There are a lot of different styles. But with Pole Dance there are few.

What techniques or movements are you most proud of?

My favourite moves is “Yakupu” (Yakupu is “wobble”)

What is pole dancing like to you?

Feels very good.

What are the obstacles in pole dancing?

It is quite hard; the only way of learning this is by experience and having enough talent, so you need to have discipline to do it.

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