What is exotic pole dancing? – Best Pole Dance Ever

Folklorist and dance historian, Karen Kastner, has written “When You Meet Your Match: A Guide to Modern American Pole Dancing” to show the varied activities of the modern pole. These include:

Roulette with female ballerinas;

Pole-dancing for men as a form of sex appeal, but in this case it’s really a form of entertainment;

Dancers who wear traditional costumes with colorful and ornate patterns;

The so-called “girly” dance, in which pole dancers are dressed in tight, sheer, pleated or sleeveless garments;

The pole dance as a way to “go to the bathroom” before a performance — it can be done “in the house or in a car or a plane.”

What causes the rise in pole dancing?

According to Kastner, “All the dancers, except one, are immigrants or the offspring of immigrants.” Those that have been dancing for some time are often the best at the activity.

Kastner says the movement itself is not always associated with the ethnic and racial elements that led to the name pole; instead, pole is more usually associated with the white male, Kastner says.

“The popularity of it really reflects a trend among white males of the late 19th and early 20th centuries when they wanted to keep their social status as long as they could,” Kastner told NPR before the show. “They’re interested in looking pretty, in clothes and beauty.”

Is pole dancing popular with young people?

According to Kastner’s research, “most girls and women are not fans of this dance or even consider it very good.” That’s especially true among the more educated and more educated, Kastner says, noting that it’s not very popular at dance schools, with classes focusing on “bodybuilding, martial arts and other arts and techniques of submission, dance and sports.”

Is there a place in the world for pole dancing?

This dance is not as prevalent as it once was. It’s an American tradition that is still practiced today by most traditional African-American cultures like African Dancer’s and Native American and other ethnic dancers, especially the older generations.

It’s especially popular among children of immigrants, Kastner says, though there are some people who believe that “the dance is something that we can still learn and that [we can] be better dancers.”

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