What is exotic pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Classes St Louis

It means to dance without any ropes or chains.

Why so many of us like to try it?

It helps to relax, and the energy to be outside or be at the beach can be very nice.

What will I wear?

The costumes will be based on the dancing you want to do.

How to become an exotic dancer?
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First of all you should be able to understand the moves of exotic pole dancing.

Learn about the techniques and the way that they are done. Then start practicing and get used to the feeling of how it feels on your body and how your body reacts to it. The most difficult part is to be able to find the right balance between the dancing and your natural dancing, which is what you’ll have to go through.

What’s your dream dance?

It’s my dream to be able to dance with all sorts of different people during the day. That would be fun to do.

Which dance is your favourite?

To dance with all kinds of people. I like the feeling of dancing with lots of people. I’d love to dance with all kinds of people from all over the world.

What are your strengths?

Being in a group and being open-minded about what my dance looks like.

What do you look for in a pole dancer?

Intensity and energy.

What is your ideal size?

I want it to be big enough for me, but only a little bigger. If I was a really big person, I might be able to dance with a lot of girls who are only 5ft tall and 10ft or so.

Why does your pole dance look different than other dancing?

It’s made to feel really free. Everything comes together in that moment.

When will you be able to become an exotic pole dancer?

My pole dancing teacher wants to give me the opportunity to dance with many girls.

What’s your dream outfit?

A dress, but with different colours and patterns, also a scarf. My favourite colours would be pink, orange and yellow.

Do you have any tips for us if we want to try pole dancing?

Don’t worry about your skills. Just do as much as you want and see what happens.

What are you wearing when you are pole dancing?

Something that fits well. It’s better to wear what suits you and your body

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