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This is the second of three stories about pole dancing from my book Pole Dancing: Why People Love It.

We’re excited to announce that the upcoming iOS version of iMessage will now offer better support for 3D Touch and Siri commands. In the coming weeks, iMessage will add support for Apple’s Magic Wheel, a new button and gesture control controller that allows you to add new actions to your messages, add replies as attachments, and initiate a new activity.

On iOS users can use the three new features in the upcoming release—Apple confirmed this to us this morning—to do a bunch of cool things, but we’re here to help you get started!

If you’re using iMessage on an iPhone 5s or earlier version of iOS: Simply swipe left to go straight to Message, tap your new 3D Touch-enabled message and swipe left again to add it to your iMessage conversation.

If you’re using iMessage on an iPhone 6 or later version of iOS: Use the 3D Touch button on the bottom right to add a reply as a new contact. You can either add a reply directly from the 3D Touch Menu in Messages, or by touching and holding the “+” icon and holding down on it, then adding the reply with your finger.

If you’re using iMessage on an iPhone 6S or later version of iOS: For adding a reply as a new contact, hold down on any 3D Touch menu in Messages for a few seconds and you’ll be able to add a reply directly from the 3D Touch Menu.

The Famous Pole Dance Body Wave - Tutorial Alethea Austin ...
To read more about the release of these new 3D Touch features in iOS, check out our previous article.

More on 3D Touch: Apple is releasing three major features, including an entirely revamped 3D Touch keyboard, into their latest iOS 11 build, and we know you’ll be excited about many of these iOS 11 features. For starters, we’ve already seen our first real glimpse at the new Magic Wheel, which will arrive in the iOS 11 SDK in a later update. The 3D Touch menu has also been updated with a few new features, including 3D Touch previews of messages on the device. It looks like all of these new iOS 11 features will be making their way into the iOS 11 SDK in the next few weeks, so it’s safe to believe that we will also get to see a brand new 3D Touch app in the coming weeks as well!

We hope you will enjoy these new iOS 11

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