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All: Body: A little bit behind the butt but on the front, with your chest in the air.

The feet: To the side and slightly forward of the spine.

The face: High. Slightly lower than face.

The arms: On the sides and behind the back. When you’re dancing the whole body is involved, so a lot of work goes into creating that feeling.

The Legs: For balance, your feet can be on the ground or on some type of high board.

The Hips: For all kinds of moves, your hips can move forward, side, back, forward and backward.

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The Arms: You can flex or bend over and your hands can swing, while both or all of your arms can move.

The Feet: Your feet can move to the side or behind you, which you have to adjust to, or up and down, which you can adjust to.

A few other points…

Keep it simple for pole dancing

There are many things you can do with your body, but it comes down to balance. Do your best to keep your balance by moving your arms and hands from side to side. For most dance moves, your head and shoulders are the center of attention, so focus your attention on the way your feet, feet and arms move, without the legs or your hands. It takes a lot of concentration and practice, but once you can control your balance, you can move your body with ease and control without looking at your feet or hands.

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