What should a beginner wear to pole dancing? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlanta

At Pole Dance London, as with any dance we teach, you want to avoid wearing the same attire for every event. There are also the occasions when a casual look is a bit much (eg. opening day or a formal party), but we also get these in the form of ‘casual dress’.

You can wear any clothes you like, whether you wear a full skirt or only something light at the neckline. Some events have guidelines and some don’t. Some parties are a bit more casual than others.

Please make sure and try to avoid getting caught out during the events (they happen!) or get a partner for the night. At the same time, you need to dress up for something different. So if pole dance isn’t the night that you want to wear something glamorous (for example, a dress) try something a little dapper (such as a suit). Don’t be shy about trying something different.
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We’ve created a couple of guides which show you what outfits you can wear to different types of events. If you want to make your time more memorable, take one look at these and be sure to put your best face forward!

In terms of shoes, try and stay true a pair of shoes that will allow you to walk across the dancefloor without falling in and getting damaged, which is very important to our events.

If you can, try to think ahead and carry a briefcase with you. This will give your friends and family a big heads up to look out for. If your only bag is a bag, don’t be bashful.

We’re big fans of the ‘solar dance’ movement, but we also accept that there are some more traditional dances, where the most important detail on the dancefloor is how you carry yourself. Some ‘dinner dance’ and ‘spa’ events can make you feel a little disorientated, so be mindful of that, and don’t wear too much makeup.

Do I need tickets for a specific event?

There are a lot of free events that you can choose from on the website. If you don’t know the event, or aren’t sure if you want to go, don’t take the risk and do what feels right.

A number of our events are ‘group-event’ events where you are asked to pay a fee when you arrive, otherwise, you can just show up and you can leave.

Our most popular events for groups are ‘sp

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